The purpose of this Association:          

  • General welfare of lamas
  • Promotion of lamas
  • Education and support to owners and potential new owners          
  • Fellowship (Join Midwest Lama Organization)

Please use our site as a resource for Lama related subjects and events. Most of our members have llamas and alpacas for sale. We have links to tack suppliers, llama/alpaca fiber, shearing services, and fiber products!

Online Newsletters

Midwest Lama Association is happy to announce the Trainer Face-Off.  This event will give members and lama owners across the country the opportunity to train, market, compete with, and sell their young prospects!  The Trainer Face-Off is open to members and non-members (but members will receive a larger percentage of the cash premiums in the case that they place high enough in the final competition and will receive a larger percentage of the sale amount awarded to the trainer).  Midwest Lama will be accepting applications through April 26, 2020.  Please read through the Regulations and Competition Rules and download a copy of the Trainer Application.  Please reach out to with questions.  Thank you and good luck!!!

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